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Trees and Building Subsidence

Trees and Building Subsidence

Disputes about subsidence can be very upsetting and costly for those involved, particularly for an individual whose home becomes unsaleable as a result.

At Connick Tree Care we have over 30 years of experience investigating tree related subsidence and helping homeowners, neighbours, insurers, structural engineers and loss adjusters to resolve disputes.

The first step is to properly determine if trees are contributing to the problem and this requires a detailed investigation by specialist arboricultural consultants.

If the problem is tree-related our consultants would expect to find evidence of the following:

  • Shrinkable clay sub soil
  • Seasonal soil moisture deficits
  • Seasonal buildings foundation level fluctuations
  • Presence of tree roots under or near to foundations
  • Damage that may be attributable to these factors
  • The absence of other factors that may have contributed to foundation movement, internal cracking or structural damage


Our expert service can provide impartial specialist advice, assess technical information and validate or dispute the findings of investigations. Since we are entirely independent we are able to act for the claimant or the defendant.

We cover the South East of England, so whether you live in Surrey, Sussex, Kent or South London, there is an arboricultural consultant available near you.

Please contact us by email or phone on 0800 975 4535 to discuss any aspect of tree-related subsidence.

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