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Saving Historic Cedar Tree at Brockham Grove

This majestic Cedar Tree was originally condemned due to an 8m crack at a main union of multiple stems.

The owners of Brockham Grove were upset at the thought of having to fell such an historic tree and asked for a second opinion, wishing to find a way to save this magnificent tree.

Chartered Arboriculturist, John Harraway’s opinion was that it did not need to be felled. Instead, he recommended installing a seven way bracing system and lightly prune the lower lateral branches. John suggested to the owners of the tree that they engage Connick Tree Care to carry out this specialist work.

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Community Project in Crawley


We were happy to provide the wood chip for pathways and the soft landing area within a woodland play area for Seymour Primary School, which is another community project in Crawley completed by Rob Demel of Luna Projects.

This allows the children's enjoyment of the space to continue through these bright winter days.

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Annual Tree Maintenance - Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park, based in Chertsey, Surrey is an entertainment park claiming the ‘Biggest, Fastest, Tallest’ and, no doubt, scariest rides.

Health and Safety is naturally paramount. This doesn’t just apply to the rides, but also the trees.

Paul Roberts, Arboricultural Consultant at Connick Tree Care, undertakes an annual health and safety tree survey to trees within the public areas. Following this inspection our aborists carry out any recommended works to those trees.

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Interview with Mike Connick

Connick Tree Care celebrates 30 years

An interview with Mike Connick, Managing Director of Connick Tree Care.


Q: 30 years is a long time, you must have seen many changes?

A: “Yes that is true but from the very first day in business my vision was to create ‘great looking trees that fit their environment’. 30 years on this still holds true.”

Q: How have you embraced the changes?

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Christmas Tree Facts

10 Christmas tree facts to think about as you decorate your tree.

1.  1000 years ago in Northern Europe Christmas trees were hung upside down from chandeliers!

2.  The first documented use of a tree at Christmas was in the town square of Riga, the capital of Latvia, in the year 1510.

3.  Candles were originally used to decorate Christmas trees to represent the stars in the night sky, but of course this was a great fire hazard.  Electric lights have replaced the candles.  The first string of electric lights was created in 1880 by Thomas Edison, the inventor of the first successful practical light bulb.

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Wrong tree, wrong place

It's a common mistake. The wrong tree planted in the wrong place.

It's hardly surprising that this happens. It's not an easy decision to make. Hours can be spent at garden centres looking at trees and wondering which one to choose.

We're now entering the perfect time to plant trees. The leaves have fallen in autumn and the buds are yet to break through in spring.

Since Connick Tree Care is all about great looking tree that fit their environment, we'd like to give you some tips so that you can plant the right tree for the right place.

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Tree damage

This tree is damaged; but how?

Perhaps you’ve noticed damage to trees like this when you’ve been out walking in the park.

Here, the bark has been stripped from the trunk, but you might also notice damage to branches too.  If you thought this looks as though the trees been chewed, you’d be right.

What has caused the damage to the tree?

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Lansdowne Youth Centre

The Lansdowne Youth Centre is a small community project providing a relaxed atmosphere for young people in the Clapham and Stockwell area of Lambeth, where they can learn and develop through film and documentary evenings, discussion groups and other social activities.

The centre has recently been refurbished but the outside still needed a bit of TLC. Connick Tree Care was happy to lend a hand.

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Horseshoe bench

Supporting community projects

Woodland learning

Not even the drizzle could dash the smiles on the Hilltop Primary School children’s faces as they proudly introduced their Enchanted Garden to Crawley VIPs.

Originally the site was open grass grounds except for a mature oak and mountain ash. The School approached Rob Demel of Luna Projects and asked if he would help them to set out and establish a woodland learning environment for their children and staff.

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In the press with Wildlife

Wildlife Ground Care magazine featured in their Summer edition an article on Connick Tree Care’s latest delivery from Lister Wilder, a TW 240TDHB with its 270-degree rotating turntable. This takes our company ‘fleet’ of Timberwolfs up to five.

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