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World Conker Championships

In October 2016 the Daily Telegraph reported that “Conkers could vanish from Britain within 15 years as horse chestnut trees are ravaged by moths and disease”. The demise of the horse chestnut tree and the reduced size of the conkers posed a threat to this year’s World Conker Championship.

We’d heard that the World Championship might have to bend the rules to allow smaller conkers than normal because of the shortage of decent specimens.

So, we contacted Paul Crawley, the competition secretary, to find out if their worst fears were realised and this is what he told us.

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Best Customer Service Nomination

A high standard of customer service is very important to us.

We are very happy to have been nominated for the Best Customer Service award. An excellent level of customer service is something that we are always looking to maintain and improve, where and when we can.

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Strangled tree

What does the future hold for the tree you are about to plant?

Once upon a time when this maple was planted, a cast iron cage was placed around it to protect it from damage by vehicles, animals or humans. It was a well planned and caring thought at the time, however many years later that same cage is now the threat to the tree.

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Benefits of trees

We love this fabulous illustration by Samantha Galbraith, artistically describing the benefits that trees bring to our World. 

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Valuing London's Urban Forest

The London i-Tree Project involved hundreds of volunteers conducting the largest city tree survey of its kind in the world.

The project highlights just how significant London's trees and woodlands are. They improve the lives of people who live, work and visit the city in many different ways.

The benefits measured include air pollution removal, reduction of storm water run-off and carbon sequestration.

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New TR8 Forst chipper at Bramber Castle

This brand new addition to our fleet of chippers has already proved its worth at Bramber Castle.

Equipped with low impact tracks and the ability to climb steep banks safely, the Forst TR8 was able to comfortably negotiate the restricted access on site. Once in position the new machine was very efficient at processing the debris from the works we were undertaking.

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May is walk in the woods month

Walk in the Woods is The Tree Council’s festival to encourage us to get outside and enjoy the beautiful woodlands and trees we have up and down the country.

Why not plan a walk with family and friends in woods near you? The bluebells are just beautiful. If you capture the carpet of blue be sure to tweet the photo along with the location and hashtag #bluebellwatch to take part in the National Trust’s Bluebell watch.

Here are some beautiful woodland walks you can take:

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Mature Cedar falls victim to Storm Katie

When Russell Gibbons, Senior Tree Officer at Elmbridge Borough Council, returned to work after the Easter long weekend he was confronted with the aftermath of Storm Katie.

A mature cedar in the grounds of Christ Church, Esher had fallen victim to the high winds, which gusted up to 100 mph in some parts of the UK.

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Oak Processionary Moth

Is this for real?

We recently took a call from a concerned customer. He'd been visited by a representative from the Forestry Commission who asked to inspect the trees in his garden for Oak Processionary Moth. "Is this for real", he wanted to ask us. Yes, we’re afraid this is for real.

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For the love of trees

To encourage folk to visit their local forests, The Forestry Commission has come up with their top 10 Reasons to Love Trees.

We have a few particular favourites and have chosen our top 5 Reasons to Love Trees.

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