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Smoothing boundary issues between neighbours

Picture two Victorian houses situated in an attractive suburban road, both boasting beautifully maintained gardens.

Mrs. A is very fond of the large Sycamore tree in her front garden. It provides privacy from passersby and creates a beautiful view.

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Damaged roof

Happy New Year!... not for everyone

For the second time in recent months the UK has experienced extreme weather, where storms have created severe flooding and high winds have brought down trees, all causing damage, chaos and heartbreak.

One such emergency we dealt with over the Christmas break was to remove and make safe a tree that had fallen onto the roof and into the bedroom of a bungalow.

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Summer Branch Drop

As British summers go this one has been generally good, certain tree species, however, have suffered from 'Summer Branch Drop'. This is when large branches within the tree's crown have spontaneously failed and fallen to the ground. It is not entirely clear what causes this,


Mike in Tour Des Trees

Connick Tree Care MD participates in the STIHL Tour Des Trees

Mike Connick has recently completed the annual Stihl Tour des Trees, a 500 mile cycle ride from Niagara Falls around Lake Ontario finishing in Toronto.


Surrey County Council & Connick Tree Care

Surrey County Council was successful in their bid to host the 2012 Olympic cycle road race during the 2012 London Games, a thrilling event that will live in the memories of all the spectators for years to come.


Fruit trees.

News and Events for 2012


Forestry Commission's Tenant Poll Identifies Link Between Trees and Happiness. Living next to trees makes people happier, according to a study published this month as part of the Forestry Commission's research report Trees, People & the Built Environment.

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Leaf miner.

News and Events for 2011

Help Stop the Leaf Miner Damaging Horse Chestnut Trees

The larvae of a moth called Cameraria is causing leaf tissue damage to Horse Chestnut Trees. Although the trees appear to recover in the spring, they are weakened by annual infections.

The moth pupates in leaf litter over winter, so sweeping all leaves and disposing of them can help aleviate the problem.

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