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100% Electric saws

Lime box trees cut with electric saw

You might be surprised to know that, where possible, we carry out our tree surgery without chainsaws.

Tree pruning is carried out with a pull saw and when more power is required, we’ve invested in electrical equipment.

We maintained these boxed lime trees at Rolls-Royce’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant near Chichester, using cordless battery operated electrical trimmers.

There are 70 boxed limes on this site. They are five metres high and three metres square, and understandably Rolls-Royce wants everything absolutely immaculate.

That’s okay because our tree surgeons relish a challenge, and they also like to use the latest equipment. The battery for these hedge trimmers is worn on a back pack, so the actual cutter part is much lighter and easier to use.

An additional benefit of the trimmers is that they are quiet, which is more comfortable for the user and reduces disturbance to those in the vicinity.