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Employee Ownership Trust

Employee Ownership Overview

As of 27 January 2023, Connick Tree Care became an employee owned company. An Employee Ownership Trust was set up which holds the shares for the benefit of all employees, both present and future.

Majority of shares are now held on behalf of it’s employees (Co-Owners). The company is run for the benefit of its employees. From the Board of Trustees down to the employees, we all work together to ensure the success of CTC in the future, whilst maintaining business values, productivity, innovation and expansion.

The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees. It is their responsibility to monitor performance and make decisions in the best interests of the employees.

As an Employee Owned Company, the employees own the business, share in the rewards, have control over how the business is run. Employees have a say, via an Employee Council, on the future of the business. The Council ensures that the employee voice is heard, and feed opinions up to the Board. They also collect feedback from employees on any issues or ideas such as quality and working practices, and the future direction of the business.

To qualify as beneficiary of the Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) employees must have 1 year of service.

There is no financial outlay or responsibility for any of our employees.

As a beneficiary of the Trust employees are eligible to share in the profits. They are not able to sell their beneficial interest but would benefit if the Trust was sold.

All employees are eligible for a potential tax-free bonus of up to £3,600 per annum provided the Company has the profits.

We are members of the Employee Ownership Association, who offer information and guidance to all employees. For further information, please visit: Employee Ownership Association

Find further information on Connick Tree Care’s Employee Council here.

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