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A member of the Connick Tree Care team measuring the trunk of a tree

Tree Evaluation

The importance of trees within our environment are becoming more and more recognised and with this it is become more frequent to that Local Authorities are requesting for financial compensation if trees need to be removed to facilitate development or due to damage occurring to them.

Connick Tree Care consultants are experienced in the use of various tree evaluation and in particular in the use of the CAVAT system (Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees), a system developed by Chris Neilan and the London Tree Officers Association (LTOA) in 2008 and is regarded as one of the principal methods of tree valuation in the UK. This system allows us to assess a tree’s worth according to its size, health, historical significance and how many people live nearby to enjoy it.

Tree evaluation systems are also a really useful tool in relation to tree population management, once we have completed a full tree inventory survey of your site, we can use the data recorded to provide a valuation of each individual tree and/or the whole tree stock. This then allows those responsible for their management to discuss the benefit of trees in a monetary value and request appropriate budges.

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