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A member of the Connick Tree Care team in a tree

Tree Maintenance

The best form of tree maintenance is to allow a tree to grow naturally. However, this isn’t always possible. Sometimes trees get too big for their environment or cause a nuisance; blocking light or becoming hazardous.

Our professional arboriculturists provide the most appropriate recommendations to resolve any issues you may have with your trees. In addition, our skilled and trained arborists deliver the works safely, efficiently and on time.

Connick Tree Care is fully insured and a TrustMark Registered Business. All work is undertaken in compliance with BS3998: 2010 Tree Work Recommendations and current industry good practice.

On acceptance of our tree work quotation, we will carry out all the necessary local authority checks, to see if any Tree Preservation Orders or Conservation Area protections are in place. If required, we will submit any necessary applications on your behalf, free of charge.

Our Accreditations