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Crown Lifting

Crown lifting, or crown raising, is the removal of the lowest branches and/or reducing the length of the lower branches to provide a greater level of clearance under the tree’s crown. It generally involves the removal of secondary and tertiary growth.

This work is primarily recommended when the crown of the tree grows over and comes into contact with a structure or obstructs an area where people require access. In some cases, such as public highways or footpaths, the tree owner is legally obliged to ensure there is always free passage for vehicles or pedestrians. Most local authorities require 2.5 metres above a footpath and 5.5 metres above a road.

Crown lifting can also be an effective way of increasing light levels into your garden or property.

With any of these circumstances, our professional arboriculturists can provide you with a detailed specification that will state a fixed reference point. For example, if completing works to provide clearance over the public foot way, we would recommend ‘crown lift to provide 2.5m clearance above ground level’.

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