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Preventing tree accidents

When trees close to buildings grow too large, damage can be caused in a variety of ways. The risk levels escalate further when the surrounding buildings create a wind tunnel. This is exactly the situation we found when inspecting a beautiful Indian Bean tree in Chelsea, London. At the time the leaves were just beginning… Read More

Reigate hometown of Connick Tree Care

Reigate, the hometown of Connick Tree Care, is just 30 minutes from London by train, yet is situated in the most wooded county (Surrey) in the UK. Connick Tree Care’s Head Office is opposite Earlswood Lakes on Earlswood Common, which is one of the largest continuous public open spaces in the borough of Reigate and… Read More

Brighton is an important location for Connick Tree Care

Our depot situated in Brighton, East Sussex opened in 1994, just nine years after Connick Tree Care was established.This location allows us to serve residential and commercial clients along the south coast from Portsmouth to Hastings and inland towards Gatwick Airport and all of Sussex as well as areas in Kent and Hampshire. Our Head… Read More

Winner of the Customer Service Award

It was an incredibly proud moment when it was announced that Connick Tree Care had won the Customer Service Award at the Reigate & Banstead Business Awards evening on 6th June 2019. Reigate and Banstead Awards Ceremony Paul Harvey, Managing Partner at Morrisons Solicitors LLP, sponsors of the Customer Service award as well as the… Read More

How frequently should your trees be inspected?

What can Local Authorities and Organisations with tree stocks learn from Cavanagh v Witley Parish Council? In January 2012, a 25-30m Lime tree fell onto a bus that was being driven along the A283. Sadly, the driver of the bus was seriously injured, resulting in 13 days recovering in intensive care. The bus driver, Mr… Read More

YMCA Challenge – Tartan Trail Sponsor

We are delighted, once again, to support YMCA East Surrey. Following the success of last year’s Coast to Coast challenge we are back on our mountain bikes and heading to Scotland to tackle the Tartan Trail Off Road Challenge. Glasgow to Inverness in 4 days Thankfully the plan doesn’t include riding from Surrey to Scotland!… Read More

Customer Service Award – Finalist

Connick Tree Care is delighted to be a Reigate & Banstead Business Award Finalist. Along with three other local businesses, Connick Tree Care has been chosen as a finalist for the Customer Service Award. Reigate & Banstead Business Awards Reigate & Banstead Borough Council wanted to celebrate the diverse range of successful local businesses and… Read More

The mighty Oak tree is under attack

It’s a sad fact that this most loved of trees, symbolising strength, morale, resistance and knowledge, is being attacked and destroyed by a vicious caterpillar. These caterpillars are not only a threat to Oak trees, they are a health hazard for humans, pets and wildlife too. What is Oak Processionary Moth? The caterpillars, of the… Read More

30 Year Time Warp

Thirty years on and still loving what we do! Digging through our old photo albums, we came across this picture taken in 1988. From left to right: Ben Morris, Russell Jarvis and Mike Connick. The opportunity for a reunion thirty years later, 2018, was too good to miss. Ben Morris is now the Senior Arboricultural… Read More

68m vehicle with 143 tonne transformer

We hope your journey wasn’t delayed due to the 68 metre long vehicle transporting a transformer weighing 143 tonnes. The journey started on Friday 17th August at 7pm from Tilbury Docks in Essex, stopping for 24 hours at Clacket Lane Services before resuming its journey and finally reaching the destination, a substation in West Weybridge… Read More