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Employees share a slice of success

Sharing a slice of the success

After 38 years in operation, Connick Tree Care is now owned by our 75-strong team, who will share in the company’s profits. The majority of shares are held in trust for the benefit of current and future staff at no cost to them.

We celebrated this significant event with a truly amazing cake which was baked by a staff member’s wife.

Sharing a slice of success – Connick Tree Care becomes an Employee-Owned Trust.

Mike Connick, who will still be central to day-to-day operations, believes the shift to this shared ownership model is a logical step for the company and aligns with its principles of care, trust and family.

Mike Connick Managing Director of Connick Tree Care

Mike Connick says, “I’ve been Managing Director of the business since the start, but without a doubt, it’s the team who’ve built our organisation. It’s their hard work which has allowed us to remain successful over the years and adapt to changing market conditions and business needs.

The management team and employees of Connick remain unchanged as an EOT, but all employees will become beneficiaries and will be eligible to share in the trust’s profits. The Employee Council will oversee business decisions on behalf of the trust.

Jane Newington, Connick’s Office Manager, and Employee Council Chairperson, believes that becoming an EOT will bring the staff closer together. She says, “This model will enable everyone to have their say in how the business is run. We’re very much looking forward to holding our first council meeting soon.”

Stuart Wells - Area Manager - Surrey

Stuart Wells, Regional Manager at Connick, is also excited about the shift towards shared ownership. “Being able to serve on the Employee Council gives me the opportunity to assist in the meaningful decision-making process for the company as a whole,” he says.

Employee-Owned Trust businesses generally experience more growth and become more competitive, as employees are empowered to drive the business forward. The Connick staff are fully on-board for the positive changes that the new model will bring.

Scott Cain, Connick Team Leader, and Employee Representative, says, “Now we know that the harder we work, the greater the opportunity for financial benefit for all staff. It makes me feel proud.”

With this move towards shared ownership, Connick Tree Care has demonstrated its commitment to its employees and their future.