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Tree Stump Management

When a tree has been felled or removed, there is often a stump left. Although these can make great habitat features it is not always practical to leave them, especially as they are likely to form a proliferation of sucker growth.

We can help with these situations by either removing the tree stump completely or simply treating it to prevent regrowth.

Tree stump removal

Connick Tree Care is expertly equipped with a range of stump grinders that can efficiently remove the largest of tree stumps and compact models suitable for narrow access. When we have finished the grinding process, we will clear up the grindings, use them to refill the hole leaving a level finish, and taking excess material away with us.

Tree stump treatment

Should you decide not to remove a tree stump we can treat it with Eco-Plug’s instead. These are a small plastic plug, which contain herbicide and inserted into the stump to prevent regrowth. It is a highly effective treatment, which does not affect other vegetation or trees and is harmless to animals.

Our professional arboriculturists can explain the options and recommend which one is most suited for your situation.

Whatever you decide Connick Tree Care’s professional team will ensure you receive great service and a top quality job.

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