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Large tree against a blue sky

Crown Reduction

A crown reduction is the process of cutting branches to reduce a tree’s height and/or spread. The works should retain the main framework of the crown and a significant proportion of the smaller twigs. As a result, the tree will have a similar but smaller outline.

We suggest these works for many reasons. Crown reductions alleviate stress on weakened parts of the tree, make the tree more suitable for its surrounding environment or lessen the effects of shading and light loss.

After a site visit, our professional arboriculturists will produce a clear specification of required works. This will include measurements to detail how much of the crown is to be removed and will ensure you are clear of what works are to be undertaken.

Our experienced arborists will carefully complete these works in line with the specification. They will ensure the crown reduction is completed to a high standard and in accordance with current industry practice.

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