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30 Year Time Warp

Thirty years on and still loving what we do!

Digging through our old photo albums, we came across this picture taken in 1988.

From left to right: Ben Morris, Russell Jarvis and Mike Connick.

The opportunity for a reunion thirty years later, 2018, was too good to miss.

Ben Morris is now the Senior Arboricultural and Woodlands Officer at London Borough of Sutton. Russell Jarvis is Connick Tree Care’s Tree Surveyor and Mike Connick is still Managing Director.

Mike said, “Back in 1988 the company had been going for 3 years and we had just 3 trucks. Today we have 33 vehicles in our fleet.”

In 1988 Mike led a team of four. Today the company employs 50 people including administrative staff, managers, arborists, consultants, mechanics and groundsmen.

In an interview to mark the 30th Anniversary of the formation of Connick Tree Care, Mike was asked what the highlight had been. He replied, “There have been many, but one that springs to mind was meeting Prince Philip in 1999 for the commemorative planting of the Queen Elizabeth Oak in The Royal Park at Greenwich.”

You can read the full interview here.

The business has thrived and evolved since 1985. Pruning and maintaining trees for residential customers all over the South East of England is still core to the business, however our expertise and investment in technology enables us to secure long term contracts with organisations such as English HeritageRoyal Parks, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Facilities Management Companies as well as regularly working with property developers, surveyors and other commercial entities.