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Care Home Group

Care Home Group

Case Study

Sussex Housing & Care, a not-for-profit organisation formed in 1946, provides independent living, sheltered housing and residential care to around 800 residents in various locations in Sussex.

Their belief is that “in old age there should be security, and that no-one in their latter years should find themselves stranded, with nowhere to go, and no-one to befriend them.”

Their dedication to the safety and comfort of their residents includes an on-going programme of staff training and maintenance of their 30 properties.

5-year, fixed fee contract

In February of 2018, Connick Tree Care won the contract to survey all trees and provide a 5-year fixed fee maintenance programme for Sussex Housing & Care’s tree stock.

Mark Chandler Bird, Head of Procurement, said, “Knowing exactly what the costs for maintaining the trees on all of our sites over an extended period has been a tremendous help with our overall budgeting plans.”

Tree Survey

The first task was to conduct a full tree survey. This provided details of all the trees and any safety requirements. It also created a 5-year programme of works that will enhance the environment and ensure the safety of residents, staff and visitors to all the properties.

Mike Connick, Managing Director of Connick Tree Care said, “Trees on any residential site should be seen as an asset and, as such, have a value. The survey details we provide can be used to obtain a monetary value of this asset through Capital Asset Valuation of Amenity Trees for the Client.”

Communication with staff and residents

The staff at Connick Tree Care take over the complete process. This starts with our efficient and friendly Admin Team at Head Office in Reigate, liaising with staff and residents to agree and confirm attendance on site. They also agree the nature of the site visits and how they may affect residents and access.

“Our residents live in friendly and sociable communities. It was important that the tree management and maintenance contract was awarded to an organisation that could demonstrate their staff would show respect and understanding of our residents’ needs.”

Mark Chandler Bird

Residents have one point of contact, who is familiar with the Sussex Housing & Care contract. If a resident has a query they know exactly who to speak with to gain a swift answer.

“Managing all the communications with our residents has greatly reduced enquiries that our staff previously had to manage. This frees up their time to focus on other tasks.”

Mark Chandler Bird

Trees for the future

Whilst taking care of the tree stock there will be instances where trees need to be replaced. Connick Tree Care can provide advice about choosing the right species that will fit with the location, before purchasing and planting.

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