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TR8 Forst chipper at Bramber Castle

New TR8 Forst chipper at Bramber Castle

This brand new addition to our fleet of chippers has already proved its worth at Bramber Castle.

Equipped with low impact tracks and the ability to climb steep banks safely, the Forst TR8 was able to comfortably negotiate the restricted access on site. Once in position the new machine was very efficient at processing the debris from the works we were undertaking.

Working with English Heritage

Bramber Castle is just one of 45 English Heritage sites in the South East of England where Connick Tree Care has the responsibility for maintaining the trees.  

In the last year we’ve visited 24 of these historic places, which in total have 9114 trees.

Osborne House on the Isle of Wight has the largest number of trees, totalling 3367.  In comparison Bramber Castle has 50.

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