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A member of the Connick Tree Care team working in a tree

English Heritage: Holm Oaks at Walmer Castle

In the background of this photo you can just see one of the turrets of Walmer Castle in Kent.

Walmer Castle was built in 1539–40 as one of a chain of coastal artillery forts begun by Henry VIII in the late 1530s. Today, this English Heritage property is enjoyed by the public, discovering the many rooms in the castle and exploring the gardens.

Connick Tree Care has been maintaining and preserving trees on English Heritage sites in the South East of England since 2005. 

A survey of a group of four early mature Holm Oaks identified they had suffered multiple structural failures over the years. The damage meant the trees had developed in poor form, resulting in a greatly reduced safe and useful life expectancy. The decision was taken by English Heritage to fell the trees and replace with new.

The size of the trunks and limbs presented a perfect opportunity to use the Skid Steer, our latest investment in equipment. The Skid Steer provides us with power, efficiency and safety.

Using the Skid Steer greatly reduced the need for manual handling and dragging of branch material. The tree limbs in the photo could not have been moved by one or two men and would have needed snedding (stripping off branches and buds) prior to moving.

We could also use the Skid Steer to feed the branches into the chipper, further reducing the amount of manual handling and snedding required.

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