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A ray of light for an elderly victim

Imagine how terrified you would be coming face to face with a group of uninvited, strange men in your hallway.

For an 81 year old resident living on her own this awful experience was the fourth time unsavoury characters had broken into her home.

The problem was the front garden had not been maintained for many years. Vegetation and trees had grown so wildly that the front of the house was completely covered. This appearance of neglect and screening offered perfect cover for the burglars to carry out their crimes, without fear of being seen by passers-by.

A Police Officer from the Community Tasking Team contacted Connick Tree Care to see if we could help the victim of this selfish crime. She had little resources and no family or friends to help her. Mike Connick, Managing Director, agreed without hesitation to clear the front garden, free of charge, to assist in the security and safety of this vulnerable lady.

The Connick Tree Care team arrived the next day, fully equipped to remove the jungle! Firstly, they felled the Sycamore trees, which instantly flooded the front room with light. They then set to work clearing the over grown plants, cutting back hedges and stripping out creepers. They also cut back vegetation which was encroaching into her neighbours’ properties.

Mike Connick said, “Having left the front garden clean and tidy the vegetation and tree debris was recycled through the chipper, to be and taken to fuel a power station, to create even more light!”

Mike added, “We were delighted to help both a vulnerable resident and the Metropolitan Police. Please watch out for your neighbours and make sure they don’t become hidden behind vegetation.”

The Community Tasking Team Sergeant was thankful to Connick Tree Care for their generosity and prompt response in carrying out vital work to a great standard. This act brought reassurance, restored confidence and a feeling of safety to the victim and will  significantly reduce the chances of her being a repeat victim and has brought about a real togetherness within the local community. 

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