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Mike Connick and his daughter

Centenary Wood | Surrey

Planting trees at the Centenary Wood

The Woodland Trust is in the process of creating a Centenary Wood in Langley Vale, near Epsom, Surrey to mark 100 years since the First World War. This project is just one of four projects throughout the UK.

The plan is to plant 200,000 trees including Beech, Rowan, Hawthorn and Oak, as well as creating a stunning carpet of wildflowers.

The trees are being planted by school children and local residents during organised planting days.

Mike Connick and his daughter planted 26 trees having taken part on one of these days.

Mike said, “I have been taking care of trees for over 30 years, since I first started Connick Tree Care, so to have this wonderful new woodland and to actually take part in creating a community area and natural habitat for wildlife is fantastic. I look forward to my children bringing their children for a walk in the woods that we helped plant.

When the project is complete it will include a visitor centre with a leisure facility and an educational resource, as well as paths and planned trails to guide visitors.

More information about the progress of the Centenary Wood can be found on The Woodland Trust’s website.

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