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Facilities management

Facilities Management Companies

The role of the Facilities Manager can be diverse and varied, and more often than not focused on buildings and infrastructure.

Facilities Management has also become a highly competitive industry. FM companies are continually seeking ways to reduce costs and add value to their clients’ properties. Thus, successful organisations are looking to innovate and develop smarter ways to work.

Tree Maintenance Services

Trees can be overlooked, only coming onto the radar when there is a problem. Winter storms highlight the weak or diseased trees, causing trees and branches to fall, and in some cases damaging properties and blocking paths and roads.  Over time, growth causes branches to overhang car park areas, obstruct CCTV cameras, hit windows and block gutters with leaves.

We can help you avoid these problems by providing regular tree maintenance and Health and Safety tree surveys.

Working with Knight Frank

Knight Frank have a proactive approach to tree maintenance, working with Connick Tree Care to provide a reliable and professional tree maintenance service to their clients.

Through Knight Frank, Connick Tree Care undertake a regular tree inspection for us.  The health and condition of the trees are recorded and a schedule of works to be carried out during the year is produced, helping us to budget accurately.  This gives us peace of mind that we are complying with our duty of care to those that visit our premises and ensures that our trees are healthy, and risks associated are minimised.”

Peter Davidson of Wellcome Trust

Commercial organisations choose Connick Tree Care for these important reasons:

  • Health and Safety procedures are extensively documented and entrenched in our daily routine.  See our accreditations.
  • Online account management allows quick and easy tracking of work details, progress and payment.
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable support staff are always available to answer questions and ensure work progresses smoothly.
  • All work is undertaken in line with the relevant British standards, which means that clients receive a reliable, consistent and high standard of service.
  • The latest mapping technology allows simple tree management planning including very large sites.
  • We represent excellent value for money.
  • Connick Tree Care has a culture of sustainability. We are always searching for ways to reduce CO2. In 2019, we bought our first electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf, and we are continuing to expand our fleet of electric vehicles.

Connick Tree Care partner Facilities Management companies and work with Facilities Managers so that they can work smarter and safer.

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