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Tree Evaluation

Connick Tree Care consultants are qualified and experienced in all aspects of tree evaluation and may carry out the service for a variety of reasons including measuring wildlife and ecological value, as part of a development proposal or tree population management plan.

It may also be to assess risk to safety or to ascertain a monetary valuation for budget allocation or compensation disputes.


Connick Tree Care staff are trained and experienced in the use of the CAVAT system (Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees), a method for managing trees as public assets rather than liabilities.

Developed by the London Tree Officers' Association (LTOA), the professional body for tree specialists working for the London boroughs, this system allows us to assess a tree's worth according to its size, health, historical significance and how many people live nearby to enjoy it.

It is designed not only as a strategic tool to aid decision-making in relation to the tree stock as a whole, but also to enable the value of a single tree to be expressed in monetary terms making it invaluable in resolving disputes and setting levels of financial compensation.


Please contact us by email or phone on 0800 975 4535 to discuss our tree evaluation services.

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