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Great tree care required

We recently had to tackle a large tree with severe decay in Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey.

You can see from the picture that the tree was:

  • Overhanging the road
  • Close to the house
  • Affecting the historic adjacent wall
  • Had a large heavy limb leaning towards the property

These factors meant that the job had to be undertaken by experienced arboricultural professionals.

When working on a tree that is overhanging a road, correct permission needs to be gained and traffic management must be implemented.

When a tree is close to a house great care must be taken to reduce the tree in small controlled sections to ensure no damage occurs.

Before we commence working on a tree that is this large with severe decay, we carry out full risk and visual tree assessments.

When you need to turn to a professional for help with pruning and taking care of your trees, remember this story and use it as a check list to help you engage the right tree care specialist.

If you are concerned about any of your trees we are happy to take a look free of charge and with no obligation. Just give us a call on 0800 975 4535 or send an email.