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Interview with Mike Connick

Mike Connick, Prince Philip, Royal Parks

Connick Tree Care celebrates 30 years
An interview with Mike Connick, Managing Director of Connick Tree Care.

Q: 30 years is a long time, you must have seen many changes?

A: “Yes that is true but from the very first day in business my vision was to create ‘great looking trees that fit their environment’. 30 years on this still holds true.”

Q: How have you embraced the changes?

A: Every business needs to find a way to stand head and shoulders above their competitors and there are several ways that this can be achieved. For example, technology has changed massively over the last 30 years. IT systems have to move with the times in order to remain efficient and using social media to engage with customers cannot be ignored.

High standards can also be achieved through the people you employ who bring new and dynamic ideas. By investing in their skills and development the business has flourished. Customers who have a great experience will remain loyal and recommend you to their friends and peers.

Q: What has frustrated you most of the years?

A: Sadly, there are a lot of non-reputable tree companies out there that give tree surgeons a bad name. It has always been of upmost importance to be completely honest with our customers. If we can see that no work to the tree is required, we’ll say so.

Q: Climbing trees can be a dangerous job!

A: A chainsaw in the wrong hands can be an extremely dangerous piece of equipment! We recognise the duty of care we have to our staff and those who we come into contact with onsite, whether at a private residence or commercial premises. Our staff receive ongoing training and risk assessments are carried out for every job.

Q: What has been the highlight for you over the last 30 years?

A: There have been many, but one that springs to mind was meeting Prince Philip in 1999 for the commemorative planting of the Queen Elizabeth Oak in The Royal Park at Greenwich.