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Add mulch to your trees

In 1989 Kew took the decision to stop using peat compost to acknowledge the damage and destruction that is being caused to 94% of the UK’s peat bogs.

The alternative is mulch, which they make themselves at Kew and Wakehurst.

It’s not just Kew that has seen significant health benefits and growth to the trees where mulch has been used. This is a general practice now of arboriculture specialists. And it’s a simple practice that you can adopt too.

Benefits of mulching your trees

Spread 3 – 10 feet around the base of your tree, depending on the size, having first removed all the surrounding grass. 

  • Mulch makes gardening much easier as it keeps weeds at bay
  • Protects the area from lawn mower damage
  • Keeps the roots moist and
  • Protects roots against the heat and cold.

Earthworms love mulch! They wriggle up through the soil, breaking up the mulch and taking the goodness back down again to feed the roots.

Give it a go and your trees will thank you!