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Smoothing boundary issues between neighbours

Picture two Victorian houses situated in an attractive suburban road, both boasting beautifully maintained gardens.

Mrs. A is very fond of the large Sycamore tree in her front garden. It provides privacy from passersby and creates a beautiful view.

She’s aware that her tree is close to her neighbour and has always had a regular maintenance arrangement to care for her trees as well as the other shrubs in her garden.

Mrs. B on the other hand is not so fond of this large Sycamore. It interferes with the natural light that should be streaming into her front room. She’s also concerned with the health of the tree and believes that there is some decay which could cause branches to fall into her garden.

Mrs. B decides to do something about this and calls a contractor who climbs the tree and removes all the branches that are overhanging her garden.

Mrs. A is naturally very distressed. When she plucks up the courage to challenge Mrs. B she is told that the tree is dangerous and must be removed immediately.

Unfortunately, this is a situation that Connick Tree Care frequently comes across. It must be handled with care and empathy towards both parties. Our knowledge, professionalism and experience allow us to do just that.

In fact, when Mrs. A contacted us we quickly sent out a trained professional arborist to carry out a free of charge inspection to assess the damage and check the condition of the tree.

The contractors who Mrs. B engaged had failed to follow the correct processes. The Sycamore tree actually fell within a local authority conservation area, which meant that permission had to be sought before any work could be carried out.

Having been in the business for nearly thirty years the Connick Tree Care team are very familiar with the legislation and procedures. We drew up an acceptable specification to make the Sycamore safe, reduce overhang and nuisance to the neighbour while maintaining the privacy and view for Mrs. A. We submitted the application to the local authority for the works and kept both Mrs. A & B informed every step of the way.

Connick Tree Care not only prides themselves in the knowledge and expertise for taking care of trees but we are most aware of the connection that the owners have to their trees and our care and professionalism also extends to the people who we come into contact with.