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We could see further trees collapse months after the storms

According to the Met Office ‘December 2013 was within the top ten stormiest months and is arguably the stormiest calendar month since January 1993’.

All of our trees took a real pounding during the winter period and sadly many of those that had some kind of weakness didn’t survive. The majority of the trees that were damaged were coniferous such as Cypress Trees, Fir Trees, Pine Trees, Spruce Trees and Cedar Trees.

Although the winter storms have passed there is a legacy that has yet to strike. Our deciduous trees such as Maple, Oaks, Elm, Aspen and Birch are starting to show their leaves. The new foliage creates weight and strain to the branches. If there is a weakness caused by the storm (or other factors such as disease), we could see a few more trees and branches collapsing. This potential problem may not be obvious to the untrained eye.

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