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Can trees tackle terrorism?

This year alone we’ve seen attacks in London, Barcelona and Marseille where terrorists have used vehicles to cause indiscriminate death to innocent passersby’s. And, just last week, there was a similar attack in New York City.

Leading Italian architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri suggests that carefully distributing trees in the most vital and open spaces of our cities can, with a small investment, transform our dearest places into clearings and forests. These trees would create a much more attractive alternative to unsightly concrete barriers as a level of protection against acts of terrorism in our cities.

Mike Connick, Managing Director at Connick Tree Care believes there is merit in Stefano Boeri’s view. “Strategically placed trees can both improve the look and feel of an urban area and at the same time add a level of protection against vehicles used as weapons for terrorism. The solution”, adds Mike “is the way in which the trees are planted.”

To add a level of protection and act as a deterrent mature trees need to be planted directly into the ground, giving space for the roots to expand and provide a solid base for a sturdy tree to develop.

Trees on our busy streets can play their part to tackle terrorism. Not only do they enhance the beauty of urban areas as an alternative to unsightly concrete barriers, they provide environmentally friendly benefits too.