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Spring Pruning

Do I need to undertake routine spring pruning?

As the days begin to draw out with the onset of spring, tree owners often start to consider the coming year with regards to whether their trees require any routine pruning works, after the dormant winter period. 

As a rule, routine pruning of weak, diseased or dead limbs may be undertaken at any time of the year. If possible, leave spring pruning until the tree is in full leaf. This will ensure the tree is put under the least amount of stress.

After the winter period, the trees stored energy levels are at their lowest. As spring begins, the tree draws upon its remaining energy reserves to open the new buds to form new foliage and develop early shoot growth. This period, known as the spring growth ‘flush’, expends a huge amount of stored energy. Removal of foliage or limbs at this time will result in slower pruning wound healing and may put unnecessary stresses on the trees growth pattern. In addition, species such as Birch, Horse Chestnut or Cherry may ‘bleed’ sap profusely if pruned at this time.

Where possible it is better to undertake routine pruning during the Summer months when the foliage has matured and the trees energy reserves are rising resulting in faster recovery from pruning works and a reduction in stress levels to the tree.

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