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Summer Pruning

Should I prune my trees in summer?

We are often asked by our Clients, “when is the best time to prune my trees?”  Generally for the majority of tree species, the best time to undertake routine pruning is during the summer months, when the trees foliage has matured and the trees stored energy levels are rising due to a higher photosynthesis rate.

During summer, the tree will respond better to any removal of branches or foliage by quicker healing of pruning wounds due to higher summer growth rates. In addition, due to the higher stored energy levels, pruning during summer months will cause less stress to a trees growth pattern.

Before any routine pruning is undertaken, tree owners should first consider whether pruning is actually required and will the desired effect be achieved from that pruning? When trees are in full leaf, tree owners often then notice that the tree may be growing too large for its location causing excessive shade or possibly growing too close towards or overhanging a building. When trees are in full leaf, it is very easy to spot dead or diseased wood within the trees crown that may warrant removal. Connick Tree Care are happy to provide impartial advice to tree owners ensuring that only necessary pruning specifications are given to ensure tree health is maintained and the desired end result is achieved.

Most people look forward to a hot summer, in this respect, please ensure newly planted trees are kept regularly watered to ensure the best chance of successful establishment. Obviously in areas that are affected by hosepipe bans whilst in drought conditions, please water by other means for example with harvested rainwater.

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