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Winter Pruning

During the winter period, the UK usually experiences periods of high winds and heavy snowfall. These weather conditions often cause damage to trees resulting in broken branches or in extreme circumstances, whole tree failure.

Often, the risk of damage to trees (or third party persons or property) can be reduced significantly by undertaking removal of dead, dying or hazardous trees before they suffer from wind-throw or storm damage. Alternatively, trees may have their crowns reduced or thinned which will reduce the trees wind resistance by allowing air to pass more freely through and around the trees branch structure so reducing the risk of failure. This type of pruning operation can also help reduce the risk of branch failure caused by the additional weight of heavy snow laying on long laterally spreading branches.

Trees have the remarkable ability to alter their growth patterns naturally to compensate for factors such as the prevailing wind or growing in an exposed location, however, extremes of weather may sometimes overcome these mechanisms leading to broken branches or worse. Not all trees require such pruning works by any means, but if you should require advice on this subject then please contact us.

During the winter season, trees enter into a dormant period therefore if pruning or maintenance works are being considered this is an ideal time to undertake such tasks as the tree will not be put under any undue stress and pruning wounds will heal more effectively by the time the flush of growth occurs with the onset of spring.

Trees require professional management – before the approach of those warmer summer days, now may be a good time to consider whether you require more natural light or shade within the boundaries of your property or site, do you therefore require advice on pruning, felling or possibly a new planting scheme? If you are considering such works, then please contact us for advice.

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