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Ash Dieback

Ash Dieback

Ash dieback (formally known as Chalara fraxinea but now identified correctly and named as Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) is a fungal disease of Ash trees that causes leaf loss and in 80% of cases, death of the tree. Early stages are characterised by the tree putting on an abundance of small shoots along the branches and limbs (known as epicormic growth), which shows the tree is under stress.

Leaf cover then becomes sparse and the trees decline from the outer canopy inwards often leaving only the stem with shoots on before dying. There is no cure for the disease, however, we can advise if your tree is infected and how advanced it is and at what timescale your tree is likely to become a hazard and therefore require remedial work.

Read our Case study: Preserving wildlife among the dying ash. A clearance of ash trees leads to a significant discovery, which requires special attention.

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