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Wrong tree, wrong place

It’s a common mistake. The wrong tree planted in the wrong place.

It’s hardly surprising that this happens. It’s not an easy decision to make. Hours can be spent at garden centres looking at trees and wondering which one to choose.

We’re now entering the perfect time to plant trees. The leaves have fallen in autumn and the buds are yet to break through in spring.

Since Connick Tree Care is all about great looking trees that fit their environment, we’d like to give you some tips so that you can plant the right tree for the right place.

Here are our top tips for planting the right tree in the right place

Think to the future

  • Find out how wide and tall the tree is likely to grow. Think at least 10 — 15 years ahead. There’s nothing worse than having to remove a tree that has become too big for the space it was originally intended

Location, location, location

  • Be aware of buildings, garden sheds and patios. Make sure that the roots will not spread and damage nearby structures

Match the tree to the soil

  • Find out how the soil is made up. Some trees thrive better in lime than others
  • Improve the soil so that it is aerated and drains properly

Choose a healthy sapling

  • Check the condition of the tree. How strong is the main stem? Is it straight and are the branches well balanced
  • Check the roots. A bare-rooted tree must have a good fibrous root system and a root-balled tree should have a firm root ball sitting in moist soil

A little TLC

  • To keep a tree looking great it needs to be looked after. Careful pruning on an annual basis will ensure that your tree grows strong and stays healthy

Tree planting

We have been advising our customers on which trees to plant for thirty years.

Our experts help you to decide on the ideal tree for your needs and select the best specimens. Then we ensure their successful planting and maintain them during the vulnerable early stages of growth, so that they become established as quickly and healthily as possible and fulfill their natural promise for years to come.

If you would like to discuss your tree planting needs, or to request a free, no obligation quote, please get in touch by phone on 0800 975 4535 or by email.