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Strangled tree

What does the future hold for the tree you are about to plant?

Once upon a time when this maple was planted, a cast iron cage was placed around it to protect it from damage by vehicles, animals or humans. It was a well planned and caring thought at the time, however many years later that same cage is now the threat to the tree.

The tree has grown to such an extent the metal is now embedded in the trunk. In order for the tree to have a chance of surviving as much of the cage as possible will need to be removed. Sadly, there is no guarantee that this will save the tree.

The original idea of a protective cage was an excellent one, but for this to have done the intended job the tree should have been maintained and pruned on a regular basis. The cage should have been adjusted and eventuality when the tree became too large ith should have been removed before it caused damage to the trunk.

Another common mistake is to plant the wrong tree in the wrong place.

Here are our tips for planting the right tree in the right place.