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Connick Tree Care a Sustainable Business

Mike Connick at the Mayor of Reigate at the Reigate & Banstead Business Awards

It was a proud moment to be acknowledged for our sustainable values, at the Reigate & Banstead Business Awards.

The recognition is all about the contribution, support and positive impact Connick Tree Care has on the environment, our community and businesses with the same sustainable values as our own.

Mike Connick, MD of Connick Tree Care, has spent his working life promoting trees and their environmental benefits.

Pictured above with the Jill Bray, Mayor of Reigate, Mike says, “I’ve always been proud to be working in a business that is ‘green’ to the core”.

As far back as 1997 Connick Tree Care was instrumental in a zero waste scheme to fuel Pembury Hospital with energy from green waste. This process continues today helping the hospital to reduce the use of fossil fuels and the CO2 that they emit into the atmosphere.

Sustainability is at the heart of Connick Tree Care

We’ve held the ISO 14001 since 2009, which is a standard related to environmental management and guides our policies to minimize how our operations and processes negatively affect the environment.

It ensures we comply with applicable laws, regulations.

Reducing CO2 on the road

Our Environmental Management System (EMS), which is certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015, allows us to manage efficient journey planning to keep the miles and CO2 emissions to a minimum.

100% Electric Cars

This MG 5 EV is the 3rd 100% electric vehicle to join our fleet.

It replaces a diesel car used by a manager who covers 25,000 miles each year. The estimated CO2 reduction is 6.78 tonnes per annum.


Connick Tree Care motorbike

In our continuous endeavour to reduce CO2, we’ve purchased a motorbike.

Replacing a diesel car with a bike is a double environmental success story.

It reduces CO2 by replacing the car, plus enables us to carry out more appointments per day, increasing efficiency and further reducing CO2.

Isuzu advanced technology

Fuelling the NHS. We prune-trees producing branches and logs

Our Isuzu trucks have advanced technology enabling a reduction in CO2 emissions

Environmentally friendly equipment and kit

Electrical equipment used for pruning Limes at Rolls Royce

Where possible, we carry out tree surgery without chainsaws instead using a pull saw and when more power is required, we’ve invested in electrical equipment.

An additional benefit of the electrical trimmers is that they are quiet, which is more comfortable for the user and reduces disturbance to those in the vicinity.

Reusable drinking bottles

In a day our arborists can get through 30 litres of water; double in summer, so we’ve supplied 2 litre reusable drinking bottles to all staff.

We estimate this has reduced disposable plastic bottles by around 3000 per year.

Ethically sourced uniforms

We procure goods and materials that have proven ethical and /or local provenance, with due consideration given to ‘fair trade’ goods; for example, our uniform garments are all WRAP compliant.

Renewable energy

We have 22 chippers and ask every client if they would like to reuse the woodchip created from trees and branch material as a mulch to provide nutrients for the young trees, hedges and plants on their property.

The woodchip that’s not left with the client is distributed for renewable energy.

3000 tons of woodchip per year

We create 3000 tons of woodchip each year, which is used for renewable energy and distributed to the most local Biomass power units.

Our commitment to sustainability and preservation of our planet.

We are fully committed to halve greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 and reach net-zero emissions before 2050.

If you would like more information about Connick Tree Care and our environmentally friendly and sustainable services, send us a message or call 01737 779191.