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Early regular maintenance saves trees

If a tree isn’t damaged or diseased, but just grown too large for the situation, the reluctance to fell and remove it is understandable.

‘Save our trees’ is a familiar slogan, so for environmental reasons we tend to seek an alternative, which is often one of maintenance in the form of regular pruning.

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South Downs Way 100 miles non-stop

Raising funds for Who Dares Cares (WDC)

On 27th July a team of eight will commence the mammoth challenge of walking the 100 mile length of the South Downs Way - non-stop, starting in Winchester and finishing in Eastbourne, to raise funds for Who Dares Cares.

The team of walkers consisting of serving, ex and non-military personnel, has been training hard and planning the logistics of the event over the past six months. With the aid of a support crew, they hope to complete the challenge in around 36 – 40 hours, with the only stops being for food and water.

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Trees and allergies

The number of people who suffer from allergies is increasing every year. As recently as one hundred years ago, allergies were so uncommon that they didn't even have a name. 

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Our trees are under attack

Diseases imported from Europe are attacking our trees

Ash dieback, also known as Chalara, was first confirmed in the UK in 2012. The disease is caused by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. Infected trees can be recognised by a loss of leaves, the crown of the tree dying and lesions on the trunk.

To estimate the devastation that ash dieback could cause our ash trees in the UK, we need to look at what has already happened in Europe. 

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Tree Preservation Order

Let this be a TPO lesson

Yusuf Jassat, the manager of the centre of New Ash Green, in Kent, “pleaded guilty to the charge of causing or permitting the felling of three trees that were covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) at Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court on Friday 12 January”.

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Planning permission and trees

Case study: Working with Property Developers and Building Contractors

Trees can pose frustrating challenges for property developers and building contractors. Most often the issue is the proximity of trees to a building or planned development. This is complicated further if there is a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on the tree.

Time and money can be saved when gaining planning permission if the situation is assessed and dealt with correctly in the first place.

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Connick Tree Care Sponsors Sports Award

We were delighted to sponsor the Young Girls Team of the Year category in the 2017 Reigate and Banstead Sports Awards.

The Winner of the Young Girls Team of the Year was...

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Can trees tackle terrorism?

This year alone we've seen attacks in London, Barcelona and Marseille where terrorists have used vehicles to cause indiscriminate death to innocent passersby. And, just last week there was a similar attack in New York City.

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Thanks from PC Downs

PC Downs was more than happy when two of the Connick Tree Care team, Stuart and Rory, stopped to help clear a fallen tree on Woodhatch Road, Reigate. 

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What has happened to this tree?

Send us your photo and we'll answer your question.

We were sent this photo by a gentleman who took the snap whilst walking in a park in Hove. He wanted to know "What has happened to this tree?"

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